The Neck Needs Core Training Too!

 Cx prone F-E 1It seems that more and more people have become aware that when they experience lower back pain they need to strengthen their “core” muscles. But what about when you experience neck pain?

As it turns out, there is a large and growing body of research that suggests we need to address the “core” muscles of the neck after having pain or trauma such as a motor vehicle accident or sports injury.

Retraining the core muscles of the neck can help reduce pain, improve your mobility and posture, reduce tension, and even improve your breathing. Perhaps even more importantly, engaging in a specific and individualized exercise program to improve mobility and strength of your neck can help reduce the re-occurrence of chronic neck pain.

 As always, a treatment approach that includes Manual Therapy can help you obtain relief from pain faster as you build strength and endurance, and work towards returning to activity or sport.

Post written by Ivan Nicoloff