‘MovNat’ the workout the world has forgotten

I marvel at the response of my seven-year-old daughter, when she has to ‘wait for me to help you’ get the bowl from the high cupboard. She figures out how to place her hands on the counter, hoist herself to get one knee up, lean her weight forward through both arms, push up through her knee and hip and then balance as she leans back to make room for opening the cupboard and carefully extracting the bowl from within. As far as I am aware, she does not have a gym membership and has not been having personal training sessions behind our back!

We are made to move; designed to put together complex sequences of movement that requires mobility and neuromuscular control. So what happened to us? Why are many of us afraid to even attempt jumping the fence to retrieve the ball that got thrown over?

We’ve stopped moving well and often.

Grace and I met with personal trainer, David Salmon who took us through a condensed workshop based on the physical fitness philosophy of a group called MovNat. We had a great time revisiting some of the postures and movements we went through over 40 years ago! This philosophy is based on our human evolutionary development and promotes the concept that keeping (or getting) ourselves mobile as our ancestors had to for survival, will lead to a much healthier and more vibrant life.

Check out the MovNat website www.movnat.com for some fascinating videos and ideas to start challenging yourself in a more meaningful way of fitness and health.