The Treadmill Desk

So is this the solution??!  Not too sure what to make of this…have to give this a try first.  If you’re coordinated that’s great! But if you’re not…you’ll end up visiting us!        


Sitting is the New Smoking

                Current research has noted the ‘side effects’ of prolonged sitting is similar to that of smoking.  Speaking of which, I should stop sitting at my workstation writing this post and go for run! Photo Credit:        


Congrats Ivan!

Welcome our newest Cornell Physiotherapy baby…Maria Victoria Nicoloff born December 4, 2013.  Congratulations Ivan and Tiffany!


Discovery of a New Knee Ligament

            Discovery of new ligament in human knee may revolutionize how injuries are treated, surgeries conducted. For more here is the link… Photo Credit: National Post    


Vancouvers Ban on Doorknobs

          The death to the doorknob!  Vancouver is standing up for people with arthritis.  Read more go to this link… Photo Credit:

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