‘MovNat’ the workout the world has forgotten

I marvel at the response of my seven-year-old daughter, when she has to ‘wait for me to help you’ get the bowl from the high cupboard. She figures out how to place her hands on the counter, hoist herself to get one knee up, lean her weight forward through both arms, push up through her knee and hip and then balance as she leans back to make room for opening the cupboard and carefully extracting the bowl from within. As far as I am aware, she does not have a gym membership and has not been having personal training sessions behind our back! We are made to move; designed to put together complex sequences of movement that requires mobility and […]

Winter Running – A Focus on Cadence

Winter running- A Focus on Cadence by Beth Wightman The winter is as good a time as any to check your running stride and make adjustments as needed. Race season is months away so you will have time to refine your stride before the spring, and keeping your stride neat and efficient can help prevent injuries through the winter months. One factor that can effect impact forces as well as running efficiency is your cadence, or in other words, the number of steps you take per minute. While taking 180 steps/min is generally thought to be the optimal cadence and is often what elite runners do, many recreational runners are closer to 145-160 steps/min. The reduced number of steps per […]


Winter Running and Walking

Winter Running and Walking by Beth Wightman As physiotherapists, we are always trying to find ways to get people moving.  Being able to exercise right out your front door is a good way to get a workout in without the stress of travelling to and from the gym, and you don’t need to wait until spring to do it!  Getting outside in the winter can be invigorating, help get you some much needed sunlight and help elevate your mood.  Following certain safety precautions, whether running or walking, is essential to happy winter exercise:  On cold days it is even more important to warm up to get the blood flowing to the muscles you are about to put to work. Walk […]


Whole-body Vibration Exercise and the Frail Elderly

Effect of whole-body vibration exercise on mobility, balance ability and general health status in frail elderly patients: a pilot randomized controlled trial Li Zhang Changshui Weng Miao Liu Qiuhua Wang Liming Liu Yao He Abstract Objective: To study the effects of whole-body vibration exercises on the mobility function, balance and general health status, and its feasibility as an intervention in frail elderly patients. Design: Pilot randomized controlled trial. Subjects: Forty-four frail older persons (85.27 ± 3.63 years) meeting the Fried Frailty Criteria. Interventions: All eligible subjects were randomly assigned to the experimental group, who received a whole-body vibration exercise alone (vibration amplitude: 1–3 mm; frequency: 6–26 Hz; 4–5 bouts × 60 seconds; 3–5 times weekly), or a control group, who […]


Shake in a Shot

Try this on your kids and picky adults.  Green Shake: coconut water, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, banana and a touch of honey.  Put it in a shot glass and before you know it they’ll pull back 4-5 shots!

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